Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GREEN by Salon Vim

Hows everyone doing? 
I fell terribly sick the day before I was supposed to head to Bintan for a Club Med holiday :( 
What a waste because everything was fully paid for but I'm secretly enjoying this "sick period" :P 
I get princess treatment and got to watch as much Korean dramas as I want :D 
Every single time I start watching something Korean,
I get this strong urge to start picking up the language again but I really don't have the luxury of time D: 

Well, if you can't make up your mind what Korean drama to watch, I have a recommendation > King 2 Hearts!
Starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.
JY, who usually dislikes Korean dramas completed the whole show with me 
and even asked if there were more Korean action dramas :D 
Anyone has worthy recommendations and would like to share, leave me a comment on my Formspring
Our favourite past time is to snuggle in bed and watch TV :P

So anyway, back to CNY, besides getting my nails pampered at The Nail Status >

I also got a hair makeover at Salon Vim,Bugis (: 
Located near the Bugis Village bus stop, within 3 minutes walking distance from Bugis Plus.
CALL 68370073 to make an enquiry or appointment!

The boldest I've ever gone with my hair and I am very pleased with the change :D 
Some pictures from my visit at the salon.
I was actually very skeptical about bleaching at first,
because I've always believed that will mean the death of my hair but 
Sham, my stylist assured that the products they use minimizes all damage to the hair 
so, I decided to give it a try. 

I won't lie and say that there wasn't any change in texture between the bleached and non bleached parts but
the difference is very minimal. 
More so after the Redken Cocktail Treatment!
My hair didn't feel like it was bleached at all, for real. 

Here is a non filtered close up picture of my hair.
Soft and supple as ever!
Cannot rave enough about the cocktail treatment ><
I really love it!! 

I think it costs about $125 for my hair length but to be extra sure, 
call them at 68370073 for the actual price range (: 

In the process of doing the Redken Cocktail Treatment

3 simple steps to soft and supple hair

Products for the treatment are picked according to the needs of your hair.
In the 3rd step, stylist will pick about 2-3 products then mix it in a shaker like this: 

Now you know why it is called the Cocktail Treatment :P 

Check out Salon Vim's FB page at
to be updated of their works regularly!

Thank you for the gorgeous hair, Salon Vim! 
Already cannot wait for my next appointment :D 
I'm thinking Blue/Pink/Purple next, what say you? 

PS: Skirt I was wearing is still available at 

Leave a comment/question on my formspring!


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