Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Snake Year

This CNY feels a little different because I did very little visiting and partied too much D: 
In fact, I spent the days nursing hangovers and then party again at night.
Can't do this again next year, age is catching up.

Pictures from CNY Day 1!! 

Annual family portrait before we headed to church for CNY mass (: 

& a cheesy shot :D 

Outfit of the day
Black wedge from Aldo

Super pretty right? But hard to balance D: 
I think I can only wear it for short dinner outings or for photoshoots. 

Us fooling around in Papi's car 
I helped my sister apply some slight makeup but everyone says she look weird D: 
I think she is one of the few girls that looks better without make-up haha

In contrast to my poor makeup "service" she did a brilliant job braiding my hair!! 

All in Hollyhoque!! <3 

The Tham cousins :D 
There are other older cousins not in this picture but the 8 of us, we've been playing together since young. 
We used to have so much fun gathering together every Sunday! Cycling, swimming, playing Taboo.. 

Over at my maternal family (:
These 2 stole my camera to camwhore (Until no more battery D: Hahaha)

Grandma <3

Sammi working her magical hands ><

One last picture of an instant film we took and the night ended with some hardcore partying to Dash Berlin. 


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