Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post CNY Promotion at Hollyhoque

Hello there! :D 
For those of you who don't follow Hollyhoque on FB, 
we are having a Post CNY Promotion at our boutique until the end of Feb (: 

The store has been doing pretty well and we have plans for expansion this year.
We're now in the midst of negotiating for the best rate at some of the units we like. 
I'm crossing fingers that all goes well!! 

While I'm at it, if you are outspoken & bubbly and looking for a part-time retail job, we want you! 
Send your resumes to with subject: Application for Retail Assistant (: 

Random pictures from one of the last few working days before the shop was closed for CNY break! 

Re-stocks ON THE WAY!! 

JY and the girls doing closing.
I'm a true blue idiot when it comes to the cashier D: 
So instead of adding to their burden, I camwhore and play with my new camera :P 

Outfit of the day
Party Blouse Tunic in Black
Loafers from BKK 
Bag from Proenze Schouler 

Come shop our Post CNY Promotion soon! <3 


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