Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sushi Bar at FEP

I'm trying to make an effort to blog as frequent as I can 
because of the people that still check back regularly <3 

I feel like I've forgotten how to blog D: 
Pfft, where should I start? 

Ah okay! 
I'll share a secret sushi place tucked in a inconspicuous corner of the 3rd floor at FEP today (: 

Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza, #03-89 

Sneaked some time away from the HH store one weekday for dinner there with the mister. 

We ordered a lot of dishes but I'm just going to list the few I like best :D 

Salmon Belly that was very nicely cut and extremely fresh, tastes like the ocean

Fried to perfection! 
One of the best we've ever had.

So smooth and slippery it just melts in the mouth. 
My favourite Chawanmushi is from B@Rochester but the one from Sushi Bar is as good at only 1/3 the price ($2.80)!! D: 

Sirloin Steak 
So sinfully succulent and juicy

Outfit of the day (: 
Ripped Knit Cardigan in Black
Tank top from Cotton On
Chanel GST
Bling flats from BKK 

Remember I said I was going to get a new camera from my Nuffnang paycheck? :P 
After much consideration, I decided to get the Samsung EX2F because of the 
1) Swivel screen
2) WIFI function that enables me to transfer pictures ANYWHERE
3) Beauty mode >

Smooth until cannot smooth hahahahaha

Thanks for dropping by!

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