Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wang Dae Bak

Korean BBQ with the family at Wang Dae Bak, 98 Amoy Street.
JY and I usually go to Joo Mak at Beauty World for Korean BBQ but for a change,
I decided to go to WDB this time as recommended by a Korean friend. 

The total bill came up to about $200 for 6 people, pretty reasonable for Korean BBQ. 
We ordered 5 servings of meat (2x pork belly, 2x beef ribs and 1x pork ribs) 
One Kimchi Jjiggae, one Ginseng Chicken Soup and a Kimchi Pancake.

The food at WDB is less tasty/salty as compared to Joo Mak but I guess it is better for older people? 

Beef ribs! 
See the yellow thing at the sides? MY FAVOURITE ~ Egg 

Fatty pork belly

Kimchi Pancake
This is not a very flattering picture but it definitely tastes a lot better than it looks 

Kimchi & Ginseng Chicken Soup that Papi super like. 
He literally finished the whole bowl himself. 

Sam and I, we are really sisters hahahahahaha
Our poses were unintentional :P

Couldn't decide which filter I like better so this is the best of both worlds? :P 

Pretty In Petals Dress - White 
(Will be released in our boutique this week!!) 
Black wedges from Aldo
Celine Medium Luggage Tote in Black 


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