Sunday, March 31, 2013


Dinner at Shinjuku with purple hair BFF, Nicole after work one weekday (: 

Not many Singaporeans know about this place, 
this restaurant is packed with Japanese expats three times we visited. 

We don't get to meet up as often but we'll never grow apart (: 
We always have a lot of rubbish to talk about!! <3 

The "photographer" behind our pictures 
Act cute allz :P 

Salmon Belly <3 
It was sooooo fat and good but the thought of paying $7 per slice is !!@#$6%^^*(!
No you read it correct, that plate of 4 costs $28 D: 

& JY's $10 Chawanmushi
Wtf? I was in shock when I saw the bill lolol
Honestly, it didn't taste very special. I could have gotten 4 at Sushi Bar owell 

My Yakiniku Set was the only reason why I'd go back again 
I've tried their Teppanyaki Beef Set before and it was pretty decent as well! 

If my memory is correct, I think this set costs about $22? Reasonable for a restaurant like this. 

Nicole's exotic looking Chirashi Set. 

J's Unagi Set 

To put simple, I think only the sets are worth going for! 
But of course, if you don't mind paying, other stuff like their Sashimi is very good as well! 

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 67348436

White pants from Topshop
Black wedge from Aldo
Bag from Balenciaga 


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mariners' Corner

I am trying to make it a point to eat with my family more often because I am at JY's most of the time 
& even when I'm home, not everyone is! I think I spend more time with my maid :|

Last weekend we had dinner at Mariner's Corner, the sister restaurant of Vines (Novena).
My Mom is a fan of Vines because of their value-for-money food quality. 
Its a pity they ceased operations :( 

My dress to dinner > 

HH's Stylish Maxi-Mum Dress in Blue still available HERE (: 

Located opposite The Pinnacles at Duxton, Mariners' Corner sure didn't disappoint (: 

We topped up $4.50 for our main courses to get set which includes salad bar, soup, drink & a dessert.

Soup of the day was Cream of Chicken

Appetizers starts with oysters 
So fresh I could taste the ocean :P 
$14.50 for 6 pieces, one of the cheapest I've had in a restaurant!

We also had Shishamos & Escargots D: 
Didn't try the Shishamos but I had my first Escargot. 
It was extremely garlicky & chewy but I felt really weird eating it. 
This is probably going to be my first and last. 

Pictures in between our meal >< 

I am speechless about my brother's hair lol he just really cannot be bothered huh
Spot the similarities!! :D 

Our act stupid BIG HEAD photos!! 
Mother never co-orporate D: 

Photo of the night! <3 

My T-Bone Steak with garlic sauce, $22 
There are a few other sauce options for you to choose from as well. 
Meat was soft & chewy with a rich beef flavour. 

Baked potato that came together! Love it with extra cream :P 

Also tried a bit of my sister's chicken chop which was very tender and tasty! 
Everyone else enjoyed & cleared their plates except for Mom's venison dish that tasted too "animal" D: 

In short, Mariner's Corner is one great place if you're craving for western steaks or fresh seafood! 
They can be quite crowded during dinner so make a reservation before going down! 



Friday, March 29, 2013

OOTD: Flutter Festival Toga Top

Black glitter pants from H&M 
Red wedges from Also 


Thursday, March 28, 2013


I finally received the full set of photos from our Lovescapade shoot (: 

It was a very rushed shoot at Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks back
but I am so extremely pleased with the pictures. 

Special thanks to Melvin from Multifolds Photography for this opportunity

Featuring HH's Spring Style Loop Tank (: 

Visit MF's FB page to see more of their magical works!! 



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Point D'Beaute #1

As mentioned in my previous post, I have eyelash extensions on now! :D 

My first experience was very unpleasant so I didn't dare to think about doing it again
but after I saw Christine's & Mabel's extensions done by Point D'Beaute, I was tempted to try it again!!
It looks extremely natural on them and the girls said there isn't any discomfort at all! 

I would have paid to do it but thanks to Christine, Point D'Beaute decided to sponsor me!! <3 
I was literally hyperventilating when I received her message :P Queen of cheap thrills. 

Point D'Beaute
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006
Opens daily, 10am-8pm (Weekdays) 10am-6pm (Weekend)

The dimly lit & cozy interior
They provide a wide array of services which includes eyebrow shaping/tinting, facials, body scrubs etc..

Reviews and compliments from their customers, of which I realized largely consists of Japanese! 

They've been in business for 23 years so you can be assured that their services are definitely of quality. 


(Closed & open) Snapshots of my eye without any eye-makeup
I think my eyelashes are considered average? 
But because I like my eye makeup so much, mascara/falsies is needed or my eye will look "flat" :( 
Personally, I hate applying mascara because the removing part is a torture!! D: 
Sometimes I'll go the extra mile to put on falsies 
just so I don't have to remove my mascara at the end of the day. 

My eyes right after the extensions which took about an hour (With some eyeliner + eyelid tape)
I asked for more volume so it doesn't look as natural as Chris's but I'M LOVIN' IT!!

True enough, I didn't feel any discomfort at all and the lashes are extremely light!! 
I'd be lying if I say they feel like my natural lash but I got used to it in a day or so! :D 

They have 3 different grades of synthetic lashes with Italian being the best
followed by the Japanese lash & then the Korean. 
Prices range from $98 - $168 depending on the lash you pick & its volume. 
QUOTE "Sheila" for 10% off total

The lady boss mentioned that there are other places that charges only $50-$60 but the standard is "meh". 
& I agree because my first experience at extensions was terrible D: 
I'm not recommending Point D'Beaute just because they sponsor me but I truly enjoyed their service (: 
Really! I don't lie ><

Because of my long eye shape, the ladies at Point D'Beaute recommended that I do the "Winged" lashes which are slightly longer & thicker at the end (: 

If you have no clue what suits you, they'll be glad to give you recommendations! 

The lashes on the 4th day (: 
I no longer need eyeliner on my upper eyelids except for the wings at the corners ^^
It saves me so much time skipping both the eyeliner & mascara part :P 
I only take less than 5 minutes to do my eye makeup now!

On day 8 :D 
Still maintaining pretty well and usually these extensions will last for about 3-4 weeks. 
I shall update about the lashes again one week later! :D 

Point D'Beaute
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006
QUOTE "Sheila" for 10% off total

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