Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Special Saturday

Pictorial update from my trusty iPhone! 

Instead of waking up late and lazing at home last Saturday, 
the mister and I got up early to visit an Old Folks' Home (: 

We were requested to wear pink for this visit
so I dug out  Fleur Crochet Shorts & paired it with Garden Flair Mini Top in Black 
They both go pretty well, ey? :P 

After much nagging, JY gave in and went in pink too hahaha

Quick (Singaporean) brunch at TPY Lorong 8 Market first 
I love love love the "Wet" Hokkien Mee there. 

 *Fast forward* Goodie bag packing for the old folks done! :D 

There was a karaoke session after we gave out all the goodie bags and although more than half the old people couldn't be bothered, the remaining seemed very happy and it was a pleasure watching them smile.
This is a one off activity we took part in but we want to do this on a regular basis! 
Especially for childrens' homes!! Does anyone have any idea how we can go about doing this? 
Please drop me an email!! 


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