Monday, March 18, 2013

CreaTEAf Waffles

Seems like tonging my hair is now becoming an everyday routine :P 

We were invited for a food tasting session at CreaTEAf Waffles last Wednesday 
and boy was I in awe of their wide selection of teas! 

They are a very little and cosy cafe located at The Cathay, on the 1st floor. 

The huge banner that greeted us at the door. 
More about their "Waffles Stacko" later!

They are located near Starbucks so you definitely will not miss them! 

We ordered 4 drinks to share, 2 hot teas and 2 ice blended drinks (: 

Rooibos Tea Latte, $4.90 
Quality South African Red Tea (Non-caffine) with Frothed Milk

Roasted Oolong Tea, $4.90 

The cute latte art instantly perks me up ^^

Peach & Blueberry Roselle Tea Sangria, $4.90
Blended from fresh fruits, they are extremely refreshing and delicious. 
It'll be a great drink on a hot afternoon! (: 

CreaTEAf Waffles offers both savory and sweet waffles but since we were there for dinner we went for the

The waffles came and us being Singaporeans we cannot eat until our cameras have "eaten"! :P 

Chicken, Sausage & Cheese, $9.90
I was extremely impressed by the waffles! 
Crisp on the outside and soft inside <3

Sausage & Floss, $9.90

Plain Waffles with Maple & Butter, $5.90
This is our favourite!
Even Nic who claims she doesn't like waffles agreed that this changed her perception. 

With my favourite girl (: 

Stacko Waffles
With your choice of 3 ice-cream flavours, $12.90
We had the green tea, belgium chocolate and hazelnut for our Stacko. 

This is going to be popular with kids! 
Young moms, you know where to take your kids to this weekend :P 

Quote "Sheila" to get 10% off your total bill 
(After the math, you are only paying about $8.90 for one waffle!!! )

Thank you, kind folks of CreaTEAf Waffles for having us :D 

Outfit of the day
Upcoming Leather Colourblock Blazer in Salmon 
Black pants from H&M
Shoes from Esprit 

Photography credits to Mel <3



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