Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eye Make ^^

I received many comments/feedbacks on my Formspring asking me to do eye make-up tutorials. 
I still find it awkward video recording myself so I'll just share some of the products I usually use (: 

Me without makeup lolol
My dark eye circles are actually ALOT worse than they look D:
I cheated by brightening those pictures hahaha

After zhnging the eyes! :D
Oh what will I do without these products..

There are 2 types of eyelid stickers I use but for an everyday look, I'll usually use this.
Got this from one of the beauty stores at Far East Plaza, Level 4 (: 
Take the escalator up from the fountain side, and its a few stores to the left after you get to the 4th floor. 

Step 1: Stick on eyelid tape
This should be the first step before you apply anything else to your face. 
Your eyelids must be dry for the stickers to stay. 

This is the other eyelid tape that I swear by. 
It creates a higher parallel lid as compared to the one above 
and I usually use it when I go to parties or want a more prominent lid. 
Easily available at Watsons but a lot more expensive than the one above. 

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow
I use the first brush from top to apply the base colour (3rd colour from left) 
Then in small circular motion,
 use the MAC219SE brush to add a darker colour at the outer corner of the eyes. 
This brush can't be missed whenever I do smokey eyes. 
Lastly, sweep the MAC224 Tapered Blending Brush across your eyelids to blend both colours together. 

Step 3: Lining the eye + Adding falsies
I line my eyes using the Hypersharp Liner by Maybelline. 
It glides on so easily it makes application a breeze! 
Whats most important is that it is waterproof! I hardly touch up eyeliner once I step out of my room. 
Next, stick on the falsies. 
Both lashes and glue can be found from the shop at FEP as mentioned earlier in the entry (: 
I like eyelashes that are winged at the ends because it instantly enlarges the eye!

Step 4: Winging the eye + Lining the bottom lid
This angled brush is great for creating the "V" at the outer corner of the eyes
and also to line the bottom lid.

With this I end my humble sharing post :P 
Thanks for reading!


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