Sunday, March 10, 2013

Go Go Electric Blue!

Outfit of the day
Pants from H&M 
Heels from Aldo in my new favourite shade of Blue :D 

Wore it to Nuffnang's 6th birthday too! Outfit below > 

Printed Denim Pants from H&M 

Spot the contrasting difference in my hair between the 2 pictures? :D 
It was previously a lighter shade of ash brown with green.

Went 2 shades darker on the base with Blue/Purple hidden streaks! LOVE!!!!!

Credits to Sham from Salon Vim BUGIS for this awesome hairdo yet again!

Call 68370073 for appointments & there is also a 10% bloggers' discount now!! 

Will blog blog about the whole process soon so stay tuned (: 

A picture taken during dinner at Newton with Gecks to sum up the entry 
& I hope all of you had a great weekend!  <3


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