Monday, March 11, 2013

Gone Blue x Purple

Hello! I'm back today to blog about my 2nd session with Salon Vim (: 
I had green hair for CNY and this time I decided to go with blue x purple.
Blue is my favouritest colour ever <3

Excited, can't-wait-for-a-hair-makeover face :P 

As Mabel and I coloured our hair, Christine got a hairwash! 

Before and after hairwash shots

This is the 3rd time I'm bleaching my hair in a month 
but my hair doesn't look as bad as bleaching makes it sounds, right? 
Of course, you have to take extra care of it by applying protein and going for regular treatments. 

Now this is the real shit. 
Setting the colours (:  

While Mabel and I were looking like crap, 
Christine suggested we take a photo, just so she'll look the best haha

& this is the final look :D :D :D 
I was hyperventilating when I was getting my hair blown dry hahahah
Thats my stylist (Red jacket), Sham, on the left!!

I did my favourite Redken Cocktail Treatment after the colouring of course!
You can find our more about it HERE

Gorgeous blend of blue and purple, need I say more? 

Call 68370073, Salvon Vim BUGIS for an appointment if you're thinking of getting a hair makeover!!
There is a 10% bloggers discount going on too!! 

A couple of friends who went to Sham (Mabs, Angie, Joyce) 
had nothing but good words for his wonderful skills :D 


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