Saturday, March 23, 2013

High Tea > Cafe L'Espresso


Whenever the 4 of us head out to eat, one of us will foot the bill and this time round, it is Mabel's turn (: 
After much consideration we decided to head to Goodwood Park Hotel for their English High Tea Buffet.

FYI, their High Tea Buffet starts at 2PM and ends at 5.30PM on weekdays, costs $45++ per person. 

Each diner is entitled to 2 types of drinks 

I wasn't expecting much from a High Tea Buffet 
so I was very surprised with the wide variety of pastries and sandwiches they've got there. 

The pretty setting makes everything look a little more appetizing.

I didn't try most of the tarts because I don't eat quite a number of the ingredients used (Smoked Salmon, Tuna, Brie Cheese..), but I think the other girls were having fun! 

I love the Croissants!!
Crusty on the outside and soft inside with the right amount of layers :D 
You can choose from the Crabmeat with Tobiko and the classic Ham & Cheese. 

Mini Shrimp Patty Burgers

Karaage aka Deep Fried Japanese Chicken

They had at least 5-6 types of sandwiches to choose from and they all tasted pretty good!

Cakes and some chocolatey dipped fruits to complete the meal
before we were off to catch Jack & The Dragon Slayer! 

Until our next meeting girls! <3


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