Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets go CHECKS!

By now, all of you should know that my nails are very well taken care of by The Nail Status (: 
I'm always very honoured to be one of the first few to try out their new products/techniques.
& this time around, I got to try out their newly imported Korean "Gellyfit" nail colours!! 

Well, they last as long as Gelish but is less thick and easier to apply when doing nail art

CHECK out my new set of nails by Christine using "Gellyfit" (: 
I mixed and matched the colours myself and with Christine's superb drawing skills, 
this set of nail art came out perfect.

You can pile on  as many colours as you want on your nails 
without fearing that it becomes to thick and "plastick-y". 

Because of the milky texture, 
the finished surface of the nail will be as smooth as it can be without any bumps!! 

She got the lines so straight that everyone who saw my nails asked if they were stickers lol!

The base colour and thicker lines were created using the "Gellyfit:" Colour Gel.

There are 48 colours (C01-C48) in total for you to choose from but if you can't make up your mind,
you can always use the colours that I chose :D

I picked 6 colours in my case and this costs $85 excluding the basic Gelish charge.
$75 for 4 colours.
If you intend to do Gelish with Manicure, it will cost an additional $50
 or Gelish without Manicure at $35 (:

Heres how the bottles look like (: 

& these are the "Gellyfit" Thin Liner, used for the thiner stripes. 

To book an appointment with The Nail Status, call 68362005. 

Mel & Zoe were very happy with their nails too!! (: 
Hop on over to their Instagram to check out their nails! 


(HH) Outfit of the day
Fairer Crochet Top in Persian Green
(Upcoming on HH, view our FB page for a preview of whats coming up!) 
Ooh La Skater Skirt in Black 
Gold Plate Belt in Black 
Heels from Esprit

& ending this post with a close up of the pretty crochet details :D 

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