Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mabel's Birthday Surprise (Part 1)

So, Christine has been secretly planning Mab's birthday party since a month ago and its finally THE DAY. 
Left the office at early 2 that day to collect the birthday cake with Zoe (: 

I'll just be posting pictures before Melvin, photographer for the night, came :P 

Upon arrival at Villa 7, Capella Sentosa! 

There were altogether 150 ballons for the party!
Christine booked the one-bedroom villa and thanks to Zoe's friend, we managed to get a slight discount at $950 instead of $1200 :P 
Good to be Zoe hahaha

Now, lemme take you around the villa! 

DRANK hahaha

The very huge toilet! 
while I was wearing Criss Cross Back Tank in Green :D 

Kitty balloons and I'm not sure if you can see but there is actually a mini pool at the back.
I don't have a good picture of it unfortunately but I'm hoping Melvin caught some good shots so I can share it in the next post :P 

The early birds :D

Because we weren't allowed to do catering, we had to secretly "da pao" food in D: 
Pastries from Delifrance!!

On the pretty stands

More food from Modesto, Vivocity

These wings are sooooo addictive I think I ate about 8 pieces D: 

Sipping on some wine as we waited for the birthday girl to arrive..

Will do an update on part 2 when Melvin is done with editing the pictures!


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