Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mariners' Corner

I am trying to make it a point to eat with my family more often because I am at JY's most of the time 
& even when I'm home, not everyone is! I think I spend more time with my maid :|

Last weekend we had dinner at Mariner's Corner, the sister restaurant of Vines (Novena).
My Mom is a fan of Vines because of their value-for-money food quality. 
Its a pity they ceased operations :( 

My dress to dinner > 

HH's Stylish Maxi-Mum Dress in Blue still available HERE (: 

Located opposite The Pinnacles at Duxton, Mariners' Corner sure didn't disappoint (: 

We topped up $4.50 for our main courses to get set which includes salad bar, soup, drink & a dessert.

Soup of the day was Cream of Chicken

Appetizers starts with oysters 
So fresh I could taste the ocean :P 
$14.50 for 6 pieces, one of the cheapest I've had in a restaurant!

We also had Shishamos & Escargots D: 
Didn't try the Shishamos but I had my first Escargot. 
It was extremely garlicky & chewy but I felt really weird eating it. 
This is probably going to be my first and last. 

Pictures in between our meal >< 

I am speechless about my brother's hair lol he just really cannot be bothered huh
Spot the similarities!! :D 

Our act stupid BIG HEAD photos!! 
Mother never co-orporate D: 

Photo of the night! <3 

My T-Bone Steak with garlic sauce, $22 
There are a few other sauce options for you to choose from as well. 
Meat was soft & chewy with a rich beef flavour. 

Baked potato that came together! Love it with extra cream :P 

Also tried a bit of my sister's chicken chop which was very tender and tasty! 
Everyone else enjoyed & cleared their plates except for Mom's venison dish that tasted too "animal" D: 

In short, Mariner's Corner is one great place if you're craving for western steaks or fresh seafood! 
They can be quite crowded during dinner so make a reservation before going down! 



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