Monday, March 4, 2013

NATAS Fair 2013

As mentioned in an earlier post, the mister and I headed to the NATAS Fair 2013 held at Expo on Sunday (: 
Like every past year, we came out with shocking great deals!! 
Remember my Club Med Bintan trip that got cancelled 2 weeks ago because I was sick? 
We booked it again!! ^^ No freak accidents please D: D: 

Besides Club Med Bintan, we also took a tour by New Shan Travel (We are repeat customers! :D) 
to Eastern Europe this June!
Will be travelling to Munich, Budapest, Vienna & Prague in 12 days. 
I know many people hate travelling with groups but for JY and I we always like to follow tours on our first visit to a country then opt for free & easy if we are returning (: 

Rushed down to Gramp's for dinner with the extended family after the fair 
and we had some kickass HOMEMADE "Lou Hei". 
Pictures doesn't do justice to it, this is easily one of the best I've had :D 
Perfect way to wrap up this CNY. 

Outfit of the day
Airy Princess Top - Cream
(Upcoming) Glamour On Me Skater Skirt - Black 


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