Thursday, March 21, 2013

OOTD: Lady in Dots Maxi Dress - Purple

Jy made reservations for brunch at Eggs & Berries last weekend 
and I was shocked when he told me its at Changi City Point D: D: 
It took a good 40 minutes drive to get there and because I was bored..

We have pictures taken along the way!! 
There were more selfies but I shall not bore all of you :P 

Dress of the day :D 
Lady in Dots Maxi Dress - Purple still available HERE (: 

He cracked me up so bad when taking the OOTDs ><

Just when I wanted to take a picture of us together someone called D: 
& he was openly very happy about it >(
Thats how much he dislikes taking pictures lolol

No idea whats up with his pose, he held it there for 3 shots D:  

Back to brunch at Eggs & Berries.
The food was very average and I really don't think it justifies the price? 

A glance at their menu..

Okay, to be fair, the hot chocolate was good

& so were the fluffy pancakes that came together with my main course.

The rest were easily forgettable. 

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