Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Point D'Beaute #1

As mentioned in my previous post, I have eyelash extensions on now! :D 

My first experience was very unpleasant so I didn't dare to think about doing it again
but after I saw Christine's & Mabel's extensions done by Point D'Beaute, I was tempted to try it again!!
It looks extremely natural on them and the girls said there isn't any discomfort at all! 

I would have paid to do it but thanks to Christine, Point D'Beaute decided to sponsor me!! <3 
I was literally hyperventilating when I received her message :P Queen of cheap thrills. 

Point D'Beaute
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006
Opens daily, 10am-8pm (Weekdays) 10am-6pm (Weekend)

The dimly lit & cozy interior
They provide a wide array of services which includes eyebrow shaping/tinting, facials, body scrubs etc..

Reviews and compliments from their customers, of which I realized largely consists of Japanese! 

They've been in business for 23 years so you can be assured that their services are definitely of quality. 


(Closed & open) Snapshots of my eye without any eye-makeup
I think my eyelashes are considered average? 
But because I like my eye makeup so much, mascara/falsies is needed or my eye will look "flat" :( 
Personally, I hate applying mascara because the removing part is a torture!! D: 
Sometimes I'll go the extra mile to put on falsies 
just so I don't have to remove my mascara at the end of the day. 

My eyes right after the extensions which took about an hour (With some eyeliner + eyelid tape)
I asked for more volume so it doesn't look as natural as Chris's but I'M LOVIN' IT!!

True enough, I didn't feel any discomfort at all and the lashes are extremely light!! 
I'd be lying if I say they feel like my natural lash but I got used to it in a day or so! :D 

They have 3 different grades of synthetic lashes with Italian being the best
followed by the Japanese lash & then the Korean. 
Prices range from $98 - $168 depending on the lash you pick & its volume. 
QUOTE "Sheila" for 10% off total

The lady boss mentioned that there are other places that charges only $50-$60 but the standard is "meh". 
& I agree because my first experience at extensions was terrible D: 
I'm not recommending Point D'Beaute just because they sponsor me but I truly enjoyed their service (: 
Really! I don't lie ><

Because of my long eye shape, the ladies at Point D'Beaute recommended that I do the "Winged" lashes which are slightly longer & thicker at the end (: 

If you have no clue what suits you, they'll be glad to give you recommendations! 

The lashes on the 4th day (: 
I no longer need eyeliner on my upper eyelids except for the wings at the corners ^^
It saves me so much time skipping both the eyeliner & mascara part :P 
I only take less than 5 minutes to do my eye makeup now!

On day 8 :D 
Still maintaining pretty well and usually these extensions will last for about 3-4 weeks. 
I shall update about the lashes again one week later! :D 

Point D'Beaute
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006
QUOTE "Sheila" for 10% off total

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