Sunday, March 31, 2013


Dinner at Shinjuku with purple hair BFF, Nicole after work one weekday (: 

Not many Singaporeans know about this place, 
this restaurant is packed with Japanese expats three times we visited. 

We don't get to meet up as often but we'll never grow apart (: 
We always have a lot of rubbish to talk about!! <3 

The "photographer" behind our pictures 
Act cute allz :P 

Salmon Belly <3 
It was sooooo fat and good but the thought of paying $7 per slice is !!@#$6%^^*(!
No you read it correct, that plate of 4 costs $28 D: 

& JY's $10 Chawanmushi
Wtf? I was in shock when I saw the bill lolol
Honestly, it didn't taste very special. I could have gotten 4 at Sushi Bar owell 

My Yakiniku Set was the only reason why I'd go back again 
I've tried their Teppanyaki Beef Set before and it was pretty decent as well! 

If my memory is correct, I think this set costs about $22? Reasonable for a restaurant like this. 

Nicole's exotic looking Chirashi Set. 

J's Unagi Set 

To put simple, I think only the sets are worth going for! 
But of course, if you don't mind paying, other stuff like their Sashimi is very good as well! 

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 67348436

White pants from Topshop
Black wedge from Aldo
Bag from Balenciaga 


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