Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shiok! & Crappy Maki

Self-declared half day leave from work last Friday for lunch and shopping at town with the mister :P

An outfit photo before we leave!

Smart Alec Blazer in Red (Upcoming on 
The cutting of this blazer elongates the body and made me look super slim!! :O 
Hearts tank & leather pocket skirt from BKK
Black wedge from Aldo 

And guess where were we for lunch? 
Wisma Food Court- Koh Grill for some SHIOK! Maki loving :P 

This, my friends, is the highly raved Shiok! Maki 

Because I am not a fan of eel (Gen 1), we ordered the "Gen 2" which is made of fried ebi.


Crappy Maki (Soft Shell Crab) 

& thats actually about it. 
The other dishes at Koh Grill aren't worth mentioning.
We tried the Sirloin Steak and Chawanmushi as well but they can't beat Sushi Bar's. 
If you are not going for their Makis, go to Sushi Bar at FEP :D :D 


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