Friday, March 8, 2013

Tonkichi is Tonkatsu

Met Joyce for the last time before she flew back to Melbourne.
We decided to dine at Tonkichi but didn't specify which outlet 
so we both ended up at 2 different places D: 
Most fail meetup ever but thankfully both branches were closely located lol. 

Its just us and our silly faces :P 

We shared the Jumbo Katsu Set since we both weren't very hungry

Super awesome deep fried pork loin
The pork was fried to golden, and I especially love the crispy crumble bits!
Not too thick nor oily. Meat was very tender and chewy too!

Many people find Tonkichi overpriced but it surely serves one of the best Tonkatsu and I will not hesitate to pay a little more.

Joyce's favourite! Must eat with their sauce. *Slurps* 
Like the miso soup, veg is free flow as well!! 

Japanese Curry to go with the rice
I find it a bit too salty though it did make the meal more appetizing. 

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