Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tsuru-Koshi Udon

Got up a little earlier than usual to accompany the mister for his facial appointment at 10.30AM. 
He had a sudden breakout and as recommended by Yv, 
he went to DrX ("Rolex Building") for some treatments. 
It has been a month since he first saw the doctor 
and have been applying the given lotions to his face religiously. 
Slight results can be seen so far but it should get better as he continues with the treatment. 

Good hair day calls for some selfies :D

Duo Colour Mod Top - Orange 
(Available only at the HH boutique) 
Far East Plaza, #01-31
HH Contrast Stitch Denim Shorts - Black

Our initial plan was to head to Crystal Jade Palace for some Dimsum but it wasn't open when we got there so we decided to settle for some Udon.

Tsuru-Koshi Udon tucked at the back of Takashimaya's Food Hall. 
Next to Baikohken Ramen. 
My favouritest Udon to date! :D 

Candy-crushing as we waited for our food to come

Mine - Tan Tan Udon
The noodles were extremely springy/chewy and the soup base was thick and tasty. 

What I love most about this place is the Onsen Tamago, also known as Hot Spring Eggs >

It has this incredible texture I cannot describe.
You need to try it for yourself. 

 J's - Ebi Tempura Udon 
Well, the pictures are not aesthetically pleasing but please do not be deceived by how it looks. 
I usually do not like non-spicy soup bases for my Ramen/Udon but this flavourful broth changed my views 
especially because the crispy tempura batter complemented the soup so well. 


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