Friday, March 15, 2013

Uncle Leong Seafood

We decided to meet up for dinner after Ali's Prelims and Daryl suggested Uncle Leong Seafood. 
They've got 2 outlets, one at Punggol and the other at Braddel Tech Building. 
We went to the latter since its more convenient.
It was pretty empty when we got there, not sure if its because of the location
because Daryl says the Punggol outlet is usually packed. 

Thankful for meeting them in school <3 

More pictures while waiting for our food to come :D 

We ordered 2 crabs, 1 veg and a "hor fun" for sharing. 

金沙蟹 also known as Shimmering Sand Crab 
I literally yelled I WANT THIS when I saw its picture in the menu :P 
This picture does not do any justice to it, I got addicted to the sauce after my first taste.
It is creamy with a slight peppery taste, topped with cereal for the extra crunch. 

Because my friends love me so much, I always get the pincers :P (Sorry I not shy one hahaha) 
Crab was so fresh its meat doesn't stick to the shell at all. 

Crab Bee Hoon Soup
This is my first Crab Bee Hoon Soup ever.
I love everything about it except that it was a little too oily. 


Our total bill came up to about $120 so it was about $30 per person after the breakdown.
Pretty value for money since we had 2 crabs! 

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