Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Your Woul

Finally got to meet my little friend after so many weeks because we've both been busy with work.
Miss our party together days :( 

Was feeling some floral that night so I put on HH's upcoming
Friendly Bloom Double Collar Dress in Navy paired with a red belt :D 

Full blog preview now up at > WWW.HOLLYHOQUE.WORDPRESS.COM

Dinner was at Your Woul.
My favourite Korean resturant to go for stews (: 

165A Thomson Road 
Goldhill Centre 
Tel: 62510123

Banchan, also known as side dishes (Refillable) 

(Diana stole a piece right before I took this picture :P) 
Seafood Pancake!
Fried to perfection on the outside while keeping the inside fluffy! 

Mother of all Kimchi Stews!!!
It is called "Kimchi Junggol" just in case you wanna order (: 
We asked for an extra packet of ramen and more golden mushrooms (GREEDY). 

Total bill came up to $33 per person, which was very reasonable for the amount of food we ordered. 

We met up with JY after our dinner + mini shopping spree for a foot massage at Imperial Apple Spa. 

171 Tras Street, Union Building

We waited for a good 50 minutes before we got our massage despite already making a reservation >( 
They really need better time management. 

Apart from the ridiculously long waiting time, we were very pleased with our massage experience. 
Dee and I were put to a triple sharing room
 but since no one else took the last seat we had the room to ourselves :D
(I think they have twin sharing rooms as well) 

(FYI, we paid $42 per person for a 60-min foot massage) 

Getting a massage while munching on TWG macarons and watching a movie we picked all at the same time 
= Living the life 

Lets plan for more of such nights!! 

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