Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seoul Lovin' - Day 1

I didn't think I'd be writing about Seoul so soon but I thought I should since my memory is still fresh. 
I brought Jonas out every single day & carried it myself 90% of the time, even Uncle Pooh is impressed :P

As a compulsive Instagram user, how can I live without the internet?! D: 
We headed to the SK Telecom Counter upon arrival at the Incheon Airport 
& rented a pocket sized WIFI device that can be used everywhere in Seoul. 

We had to pay a deposit of 100,000KRW which will be refunded when you return the device. 
The pocket WIFI device costs about SGD10 a day and up to 3 users can connect at the same time. 

FYI, at the point we did money exchange, it was SGD1 to KRW890

The boyfs doing their jobs as Mel & I "lepak" at one corner :P 

Mel & Latte <3 

Exit door 11 to buy tickets for our Airport Limousine ride :P 

It costs 15,000KRW per person 
and the journey to our hotel; IP Boutique Hotel took about an hour and a half. 

Kraze Burger to fill the tummy before the long bus ride.
Originally from Korea, how can we give this a miss while we are there?!

Singapore has an outlet at MBS too! 

Fresh and delicious, what more can one ask for? 
Gobbled it down within minutes before our bus came

On board our ride to the hotel. 

Aloha! Our humble abode for the next 5 nights. 
We were a tad disappointed when we saw the room because it looks way better in their web pictures. 
But oh well, the room was really affordable at SGD180 per night. 
My favourite is still The Plaza located at Cityhall but it costs about SGD300 a night D: 

IP Boutique Hotel is located within Itaewon where many expats hang out.
There are also many eateries and cafes near our hotel! 

If you look at the subway line, Itaewon is pretty out of the way. 
For example, you have to change 2 trains to get to Myeong Dong. 
Thankfully we discovered that cabbing and dividing 4 ways 
actually costs about the same as using the subway :P 
So the whole journey saw us cabbing most of the time. 

Last shot at the toilet before we met up with B&M for dinner! 

The boys can't be bothered lol 
JY was intensely reading the map and Brad was just erm.. "despising" our self mirror shots haha

About 10 minutes walk from our hotel, 
we settled dinner #1 at Maple Tree House as recommended by one of Uncle Pooh's followers 

Maple Tree is one of the most popular BBQ joints in Korea, popular for their Jeju Black Pork :D

116-1 Itaewon Dong, Yongsan-gu
Located behind the Hamilton Hotel

The dimly lit restaurant was very well decorated & each table had a smoke suction, how considerate! 

The prices at Maple Tree House are a little steep but I say worth every penny! 

Hello fatty pork 

ZOMG the meat was so soft and chewy, none like I've tasted before. 
We only ordered one serving to share because we were planning to eat at other places later 
but I secretly wanted to order another portion lol!! THAT good. 

Notice that the BBQ grill is different?? 
Never knew they pay so much emphasis on the different type of grills for different types of meats D: 
How come I don't get such treatment in Singapore? 

Mel's wrap, with lots of veg

My first Kimchi Jjiggae of the trip, thereafter I had a bowl at least once a day lol 

We headed to Myeong Dong after dinner and the journey took about 30 minutes including the 2 train change .
The boys doing their thing again. 

Another loving moment.. >< 

Oh yes! Annyeong Myeong Dong <3 

Every girl's heaven. Here you'll find almost all the Korean cosmetics brands 
& the products there are at least 50% cheaper than Singapore.
Mel went crazy at Etude House lol!! 

Street snacks

#2 dinner at Yoogane!
They are apparently one of the best places to go for Chicken Galbi. 

I forgot to take a picture of the storefront nor ask for their address 
but if you google Yoogane Myeong Dong, you'll find more than enough information about them (: 
They have more than one outlet in Myeong Dong!

Stir frying in progress.
We ordered the Chicken Galbi with Octopus!
It costs about 9,500KRW per person and we all have to share the same dish 
since there is only one pan at the table.

There we go! Ready for our tummies. 
The chicken was very well marinated and went well with the octopus but I wish there was more meat D: 

We did some shopping after dinner before all the shops started closing at 11. 

Dropped by Paris Baguette for some cakes and called it a day. 
There have many outlets in Korea and boy was I impressed at their pricing.
I could buy 2-3 slices of cakes there with the amount I pay in Singapore!  
When you're there, please stuff yourself silly with the cakes :P 

Thanks for reading and I'll be back with Day 2 :D 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Micey Cookout: Vietnamese Wrap

It was finally our "Micey Cookout" day!
My mind was on it the whole day, I could hardly concentrate at work D: 

For a comfy house visit, I was in Hollyhoque's Modern Raven Sleeveless Shirt (Only available at the boutique for now) & Chic Tailored Shorts in White (: 

Credits to Mel (& Liz's patio) for the pretty shot hehe! 
I just adjusted the camera and she played with the angles <3 

When we got there, Liz already did all the preparations herself!! 
From grocery shopping to slicing the necessary ingredients for our wrap D: 
For the wrap, we'll need: 
Rice paper
Boiled prawns, sliced into half
Shredded chicken breasts 
Noodles ("Cu Mi Fen") - Not in the picture above
Basil Leaves

Because she was worried that we'll be hungry, she even prepared Vietnamese Pho for us.
100% housewife material. Uncle Chang is sooo lucky!

Reunited again after our Seoul holiday :P

Okay so here goes.. 
First we need to soak the rice paper into warm water, until it turns soft and translucent as seen above. 
Then we lined some prawns and chicken breasts at the top.
Followed by lettuce & basil leaves. 

Basil leaves is very important because it gives a very refreshing taste and crunch to the wrap. 

& then add some noodles ("Cu Mi Fen"), cucumber + carrot + beansprouts

& when you think you're done with the ingredients, start wrapping by rolling in from the top. 
Grab hold of the ingredients as you do it!

Fold in the sides next, tuck the rest of the rice paper in and you're done! ^^

For first timers like Mel & I, don't be greedy and take as little ingredients as possible
because it'll be easier to wrap :P 

Chop the wrap into halves then dip it in chili sauce!!
Liz's homemade chili sauce is the bombzz.
Too bad I don't have the recipe but if I do get it from Liz, I'll share it here :D

& if I were to make it again at home soon, I'll buy the chili sauce from City Plaza's Ban Mien stall :P 

Micey very happy with their wraps!
This will be a pretty good meal if you are thinking to eat clean! 
Easy to make also :P
I speak like I'm a pro but no really, all credits to Teacher Lee ^^ 

Can't wait for our next Korean cookout sesh :D 
This time Mel & I shall shop for the ingredients so Liz can shake leg haha. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Point D'Beaute #2

Besides getting my nails done for the Korea trip, 
I also got a new set of eyelash extensions :P 
My previous set was still doing well but I wanted a little more volume 
so Elaine (Lady boss of Point D'Beaute) suggested I get a new set! 

I am still very stoked that they are sponsoring me! 
I've been to their cozy salon a couple of times and they are ALWAYS packed! 
Honestly do not think they need any advertorials but I'm still very very thankful :D 

The lashes from side view <3

JY is very impressed that I now only take 10-15 minutes to do my make up :P 
All thanks to lash extensions haha.

Point D'Beaute now have packages for Eyelash Extensions too! 
Quote "Sheila" to purchase 6 sessions and get 1 full session free!
This package also includes 6 free touch ups (Worth $68 each session)! 

Each session costs between $98-$168, you can read more about that in my previous 
lash extension post HERE (: 

Which means at week 3-4, you can go for a free touch up that will probably last another 2-3 more weeks!
So if you calculate, these 7 sessions plus 6 free touch ups will probably last you 10 months? :D

Unlike other beauty parlors, Point D'Beaute allows you to share the package with your friends!
So if you don't think you'll use up that many sessions, you can share it with a few girlfriends. 

Also, do you notice that my eyebrows are brown? 
I got them tinted at Point D'Beaute too! 
They also shaped my brows and gave it a little more arch >< 

Eyebrow Tinting: $28 per session (Lasts about 2 months for me!)
PS: You'll still have to draw your brows everyday for finest results!
Brow Shaping: $15 per session

Quote "Sheila" for 
10% off all individual sessions 
Sign up for their package, purchase 6 sessions and get 1 session free (: 

This is how I look with just Lancome's Mat Mineral Foundation (: 
Eyes still look bright with just the extensions! 

I should be toning down and going for a more natural look the next time :P 

Point D'Beaute 
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nail Status: Dream a little dream of me

It was a hot and humid afternoon and I was extremely lazy to dress up D:
Shorts and a basic top wouldn't go wrong! 
Airy Princess Top in Navy that I was wearing still available HERE (: 

I was due for a mani/pedi before I went to Korea 
and this time I was introduced to the Double Fit Colour Gel. 

There is only a total of 6 colours but all are super pretty! 

Texture of the nail colour is milky, 
somewhat like the Gellyfit nail colour I blogged about a couple of weeks ago! :D 

I've never taken a picture of my toes so up-close like this before 
but I need to show you the super awesome colour change!! 

K look, so now it is like this in air-con temperature. 

Right after dipping my right foot into warm water, the nail colours changes!! 
(I got too excited and couldn't wait to snap a picture so it was still wet) 

Charges for the Double Fit Colour Gel
Add $45 for mixed colours 
Add $15 for one colour 

So for what I did; 
Gelish Pedicure + Double Fit (Mixed colours) = $55 + $45 = $100
Quote "Sheila" to get a $5 discount!

Likewise, if you were to do it on your hands; 
Gelish Manicure + Double Fit (Mixed colours) = $50 + $45 = $95
Quote "Sheila" to get a $5 discount!

Dreamcatcher ~
Been wanting to do something like this for the longest time!!
Nail art on each finger costs $10 (:
So for a set like mine (Gelish Mani + Nail Art on 4 fingers) would cost $90. 

The Nail Status
Far East Plaza, #04-83
Tel: 68362005
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