Thursday, April 11, 2013


Before I start, OOTD first :P 
We were both decked in Hollyhoque!

On Mel is De'Spring Knitted Top in Orange available HERE 
& I was wearing Comfort Wide Leg Flare Pants in Navy available HERE

Double date round 2 with Mel & Brad!
We went for Japanese BBQ at Aburiya, Robertson Quay this time! 

Sorry I cannot help it :P Just had to add the hearts lolol

When at Aburiya, order beef :D 
We shared Set F, that consists of greens + seafood and ordered ala carte meats. 

They have various condiments to choose from (Indicated in the middle), so take your pick!

My top 4 favourites were the Beef Tongue

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs 

& Pork Belly, Hot Miso Sauce
We tried the salt one as well, but Hot Miso is way better

Wagyu Ribeye 

While the 3 of us were busy taking pictures, JY was in a world of his own, BBQ-ing :P 

Scallops that came with the set

My FAT & JUICY scallop. *Slurps*

Spicy Soup with Beef Bits 
Another like!! Very tasty and they were pretty generous with the ingredients :D

Although I'd still prefer Nagomiya, Aburiya serves decent food with a large variety of meats!

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