Monday, April 1, 2013


Probably the boldest I've ever gone with colours lol!
Yellow x Pink 
Cropped knit top on me is coming soon on Hollyhqoue (:  

Caught GI.Joe with JY last Thursday at the Platinum Movie Suites 
and I spent half the time dozing off because it was too comfortable lol D: 

Grabbed a quick bite at Maki-san, basement of The Cathay before our movie!

The whole place was filled with cheerful vibes!

Inside of the cafe 

 Here at Maki-san you get to choose what to put in your maki!!! :D
Because we are greedy pigs we opted for the Mega San haha 

Packaging also super cute 

His & Mine 

Loved everything about it except that I found it abit too dry :(
Will remember to ask for more sauce the next time I visit!!

Tempura Ebi Prawns that were sooo good. 
The batter was very light and extremely crispy!! <3 
MUST ORDER together with their Smokey Cheddar Cheese dip. 

If you think it wouldn't be filling enough you are wrong, that was our dinner!! 

Experimented lilac eye-shadow that day and I'm loving it :D :D 

Can't wait to share more about the products I received from Lancome a couple of days back!! 
This is going to be exciting (: 

PS: Eyelash extensions still doing pretty well! These have passed 2 weeks already!
Read HERE to find out more about my eyelash extensions with Point D'Beaute. 

Oh and if you don't already know, Formspring is shutting down so I'm moving to ASK.FM!
Find me HERE to leave comments/questions x


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