Friday, April 26, 2013

Micey Cookout: Vietnamese Wrap

It was finally our "Micey Cookout" day!
My mind was on it the whole day, I could hardly concentrate at work D: 

For a comfy house visit, I was in Hollyhoque's Modern Raven Sleeveless Shirt (Only available at the boutique for now) & Chic Tailored Shorts in White (: 

Credits to Mel (& Liz's patio) for the pretty shot hehe! 
I just adjusted the camera and she played with the angles <3 

When we got there, Liz already did all the preparations herself!! 
From grocery shopping to slicing the necessary ingredients for our wrap D: 
For the wrap, we'll need: 
Rice paper
Boiled prawns, sliced into half
Shredded chicken breasts 
Noodles ("Cu Mi Fen") - Not in the picture above
Basil Leaves

Because she was worried that we'll be hungry, she even prepared Vietnamese Pho for us.
100% housewife material. Uncle Chang is sooo lucky!

Reunited again after our Seoul holiday :P

Okay so here goes.. 
First we need to soak the rice paper into warm water, until it turns soft and translucent as seen above. 
Then we lined some prawns and chicken breasts at the top.
Followed by lettuce & basil leaves. 

Basil leaves is very important because it gives a very refreshing taste and crunch to the wrap. 

& then add some noodles ("Cu Mi Fen"), cucumber + carrot + beansprouts

& when you think you're done with the ingredients, start wrapping by rolling in from the top. 
Grab hold of the ingredients as you do it!

Fold in the sides next, tuck the rest of the rice paper in and you're done! ^^

For first timers like Mel & I, don't be greedy and take as little ingredients as possible
because it'll be easier to wrap :P 

Chop the wrap into halves then dip it in chili sauce!!
Liz's homemade chili sauce is the bombzz.
Too bad I don't have the recipe but if I do get it from Liz, I'll share it here :D

& if I were to make it again at home soon, I'll buy the chili sauce from City Plaza's Ban Mien stall :P 

Micey very happy with their wraps!
This will be a pretty good meal if you are thinking to eat clean! 
Easy to make also :P
I speak like I'm a pro but no really, all credits to Teacher Lee ^^ 

Can't wait for our next Korean cookout sesh :D 
This time Mel & I shall shop for the ingredients so Liz can shake leg haha. 

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