Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Point D'Beaute #2

Besides getting my nails done for the Korea trip, 
I also got a new set of eyelash extensions :P 
My previous set was still doing well but I wanted a little more volume 
so Elaine (Lady boss of Point D'Beaute) suggested I get a new set! 

I am still very stoked that they are sponsoring me! 
I've been to their cozy salon a couple of times and they are ALWAYS packed! 
Honestly do not think they need any advertorials but I'm still very very thankful :D 

The lashes from side view <3

JY is very impressed that I now only take 10-15 minutes to do my make up :P 
All thanks to lash extensions haha.

Point D'Beaute now have packages for Eyelash Extensions too! 
Quote "Sheila" to purchase 6 sessions and get 1 full session free!
This package also includes 6 free touch ups (Worth $68 each session)! 

Each session costs between $98-$168, you can read more about that in my previous 
lash extension post HERE (: 

Which means at week 3-4, you can go for a free touch up that will probably last another 2-3 more weeks!
So if you calculate, these 7 sessions plus 6 free touch ups will probably last you 10 months? :D

Unlike other beauty parlors, Point D'Beaute allows you to share the package with your friends!
So if you don't think you'll use up that many sessions, you can share it with a few girlfriends. 

Also, do you notice that my eyebrows are brown? 
I got them tinted at Point D'Beaute too! 
They also shaped my brows and gave it a little more arch >< 

Eyebrow Tinting: $28 per session (Lasts about 2 months for me!)
PS: You'll still have to draw your brows everyday for finest results!
Brow Shaping: $15 per session

Quote "Sheila" for 
10% off all individual sessions 
Sign up for their package, purchase 6 sessions and get 1 session free (: 

This is how I look with just Lancome's Mat Mineral Foundation (: 
Eyes still look bright with just the extensions! 

I should be toning down and going for a more natural look the next time :P 

Point D'Beaute 
Far East Plaza, #04-05
Tel: 67320006

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