Monday, April 22, 2013

Savour 2013

That evening saw me in HH's upcoming Crochet Romance Romper, 
launching this week on WWW.HOLLYHOQUE.COM
I have a love-hate relationship with rompers. 
They are cute and great for I-don't-know-what-to-wear-days 
but the part about going to the toilet.. D: D:
Oh well, I guess I'm still vain enough to rather be inconvenient hahaha.

Thanks to Nespresso, I made my first visit to Savour 2013 (: 

Basically at Savour you get to sample over 60 culinary masterpieces 
at accessible prices between $6-$18 per dish :D

My partners for the night (: 

Each ticket costs $68 and that includes 30-Savour-Dollars 
that can be used to buy food at all the participating booths.

30-Savour-Dollars clearly wasn't enough 
so we each topped up another $50 to get more Savour Dollars ><

Now that we have 320-Savour-Dollars combined, its time to PIG OUT!

Every single time I see scallops on the menu it is pretty unlikely I'll skip it :P 
That was our first stop for the night.

Excited Chris queuing up!

PS: I was very busy with Jonas that night so I won't be appearing in most of the pictures :P

Beef fillet that was too tough for our liking D: 
Chewing on it took so much effort!! 

Seared scallop with barley and squid ink crumble 
I took extremely small bites and savoured it slowly because it was soooo good 

& by the time I was done with my scallops, 
this strawberry ice cream thing Chris bought was gone as well so I didn't get to try it lol

I've heard raves about Gunther's Cold Angel Hair Pasta but I've never had the chance to try it 

& when I finally did, I was sold D: 
I wonder how much does a usual portion cost at their restaurant. 

Jaan Restaurant's 55' Smoked Organic Egg 
I was the only one who enjoyed this dish because the girls felt it was too raw 
but I love how soft & runny the poached egg was! 

This costs $40+ at their restaurant and I got to try it at only $10!! :D 
Thank you Savour!!

Strawbie Cheesecake from Cake Over Heels 
I was surprised to see their booth! 
They are located just below my office and I love love their cakes! 
Whenever I feel vexed or annoyed with work, I'll take 5 to "dapao" some sweet treats back. 

Alcoholic Lee :P 
Tasted 43 different types of wine for only $10 

Quail Egg with Caviar 
Shiok level 100

My belly was already bursting with all the food but I always have space for one scallop, just one :P 
& that pretty much sums up our foodie trail at Savour 2013. 

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