Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nail Status: Dream a little dream of me

It was a hot and humid afternoon and I was extremely lazy to dress up D:
Shorts and a basic top wouldn't go wrong! 
Airy Princess Top in Navy that I was wearing still available HERE (: 

I was due for a mani/pedi before I went to Korea 
and this time I was introduced to the Double Fit Colour Gel. 

There is only a total of 6 colours but all are super pretty! 

Texture of the nail colour is milky, 
somewhat like the Gellyfit nail colour I blogged about a couple of weeks ago! :D 

I've never taken a picture of my toes so up-close like this before 
but I need to show you the super awesome colour change!! 

K look, so now it is like this in air-con temperature. 

Right after dipping my right foot into warm water, the nail colours changes!! 
(I got too excited and couldn't wait to snap a picture so it was still wet) 

Charges for the Double Fit Colour Gel
Add $45 for mixed colours 
Add $15 for one colour 

So for what I did; 
Gelish Pedicure + Double Fit (Mixed colours) = $55 + $45 = $100
Quote "Sheila" to get a $5 discount!

Likewise, if you were to do it on your hands; 
Gelish Manicure + Double Fit (Mixed colours) = $50 + $45 = $95
Quote "Sheila" to get a $5 discount!

Dreamcatcher ~
Been wanting to do something like this for the longest time!!
Nail art on each finger costs $10 (:
So for a set like mine (Gelish Mani + Nail Art on 4 fingers) would cost $90. 

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