Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Less than a day to Seoul & I am extremely excited!
The 2 month wait is finally over! >.< 
 If you've been following me on Instagram
you might have noticed recent pictures are a lot nicer with bokeh background.

Yes! I just invested on a new DSLR - Jonas (Canon 6D) 
to work on new plans for Hollyhoque (: 
Expect to see a brand new us come May/June!! 

I am a total noob when it comes to anything technology 
so I'm very glad to have Uncle Pooh's expertise in picking a camera suitable for my use :P 

I've always shot in auto mode all my life 
so please don't laugh at my amateur pictures that were shot on manual mode. 
I am trying very hard to learn!! 

Anyway, these are pictures from Jonas's first day out.

A mini photoshoot with Liz & Mel before we headed to town for dinner <3

Of kisses & matchy bags <3

Outfit of the day
In a very dainty white cardigan now available at our store :D 

A closer look at the bead details and slightly puffed princess sleeves

I was feeling some pancakes that day so there we were! 
At Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Snapped away with Jonas as we chatted and waited for our food to come!
How how? Got potential? :P 

Mel's Californian - Egg tofu

Liz's Portobello Road - Mushrooms & poached eggs 

I had the Canadian (Pancakes & bacon) but it was really nothing special, 
liked those my friends ordered better! :P 
I was stealing from their plates the whole time. 

I only bought one lens with my camera and its a 50mm, portrait lens 
so it is quite tricky to take close ups D: 
Still thinking if I should get another lens with wider angle. 
Never thought I'd actually be so interested in camera & lenses lol

Thanks for the great company girls! <3
Can't wait for our cook out sess at Liz's next! x
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