Saturday, May 11, 2013

Highlights of Bangkok - Day 1

This Bangkok getaway was made possible with a collaboration with the 
Thailand Tourism Board and Chan Brother's kind sponsorship (: 

Upon arrival at the Bangkok Survanabhumi Airport,
we (My travel partner this trip was Zoe) used a public taxi to Baiyoke Suite Hotel.
Always always insist the taxi drivers charge by meter!!
The 1.5 hour ride cost about 450 baht.

A glance at our room..
Baiyoke Suite Hotel is right smack at the Pratunam area and is a short 5-7 minutes away from Platinum Mall.
Chan Brothers is currently running a promotion to Bangkok,
with prices starting from $195 (Exclusive of airport taxes)
More details can be found on this link > HERE

Was in an extra comfy Hollyhoque Tulip Sleeves Peplum Top (Coming soon) that day (:
I am so in love with these sleeves because they make my arms look so slender :P

Right after we unloaded our baggage we rushed off to the popular Wanton Mee place for lunch!! :D
Located at Soi 19 Petchuburi Road.
If you are not familiar with the place you might just walk pass it without knowing.
So I suggest you go to Shibuya 19, then walk towards Platinum Mall from there
then turn in at the first alley! It should not take more than 3 minutes to walk from Shibuya 19.

In the restaurant

A glance at what they offer..

I always go for the dry Wanton Mee then add an additional bowl of Wanton Soup (:

Please don't forget to spam your noodles with lots of their homemade chili.
Its super solid.

My hair was in a total mess after the 2 hour flight and the insanely warm weather didn't help either D:

Time for shopping at Platinum Mall!!

At most shops you can bargain for "wholesale prices" when you purchase 2-3 pieces.

Spring/Summer colours everywhere!

I was feeling a little hungry by then but we were still early for dinner so we headed to the food hall at level 5 for something light (:
There, you have to first add credits in a card before you can use it to buy food.

Super awesome Sticky Mango Rice!!

& Tom Yum Goong!
All for less than 200 Baht! We still had change after buying 2 bottles of water :P

Afterwhich we took a walk back to our hotel for a short rest before meeting up with Liz's friend, Bowling, for seafood dinner!

These 2 bikini sets were my best buys from Shibuya 19! ><
The bikini shop at the first level near the escalator!
They have so many cool prints I was spoilt for choice.

Night market shopping right below our hotel as we waited for Bowling to come get us.
The poor lady got stuck in a jam for 2 hours D:
Traffic is really terrible in Bangkok, especially on Friday evenings.

Khrua Nai Baan (Seafood restaurant), recommended by Bowling for dinner
If I'm not wrong, it is located in the Lumpini area (:

Food there is comparable to my favouritest seafood restaurant in Bangkok (Somboon Seafood)
 and prices are slightly cheaper!
Apparently, Somboon is popular for the tourists while this restaurant serves more locals.

The 5 of us ordered about 9 dishes in total and everything (Except the fish that I didn't try)
was soooo good! No wonder they have so many extensions to their restaurant!
We went for dinner at around 830 but it was still super duper packed!

Curry crab! Sauce is lighter than Somboon's and has a unique taste.
Please don't make me choose which I like better lol, they're both good.

Will definitely go back again next time! The 9 dishes we had only added to 3000Baht!! D:
Say whaaaaaaat. I love Bangkok 
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