Monday, May 13, 2013

Hollyhoque x Mariesoh

Hello Monday (: 

The weekend was spent at Expo - Hollyhoque's 2nd clothes buffet. 
From the feedback I got, there were many happy customers and a few disappointed ones, 
but I promise to work on the areas we are lacking on!
The next sale we hold, everyone will walk out happy :D 

& from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting HH (: 

Anyway, we will be selling the items from our latest preview tomorrow at 11AM 
so if anything caught your attention do hop over to to shop!

Here are some of my favourite edited web pictures <3  

Lovely Fairytale Dress in Black 

Easygoing Cutout Sleeves Top in Blurple

Sway Circle Skirt in Teal

Styling Knit Top in Grey

Haute High Neckline Top in White/Pink
Pleating Grace Skorts in Navy

Other than a pretty model and nice setting, a good makeup artist is also very important! 
So grateful to have Marie on board with us (: 

Marie is very fun (I think you can tell from her hair :P) and easy-going 
so it is always a pleasant working with her. 

I asked for something that will bring Liz from girly to stylish so she gave her blue shades on the eye
& bright red lippie; like an SQ girl ><

This is less than 1/4 of the eye-shadow palettes she brought D: 

Other than makeup, Marie is also good with hairstyles but a pity Liz's hair is too short for braiding etc :( 

If you're interested to work with Marie, drop her an email at (: 

You can also view her other works HERE

Her rates for photoshoots/prom/makeovers is $100 per head 
and she will stay for about 2 hours for touch-ups, slight change of hairstyle etc. 

For wedding and commercial shoots, email her for quote! 

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