Wednesday, May 22, 2013

La Villa

After multiple times of cancellations, D and I finally met up for dinner!! :D 
Missed this little one so much. 


I was in a newly released HH floral bustier and peplum skirt "borrowed" from my sister :P
Waited so long for these bustiers to come!! D: 

Dinner was at La Villa, 341 River Valley Road :D 

The cozy and warmly lit restaurant.
 I like the chill vibes here!
I would have done a shoot there if the area was slightly bigger :( 

& we chose to sit al fresco so we get more space to talk :D 
I really like eating outdoors but the bugs and flies do get quite annoying sometimes :|


I had their Vongole Linguine ($22) as recommended by Melly.
The clams were plump & juicy and the white white sauce? > very flavourful. 
Comparable to Valentino's! 

D's Merluzzo, Grilled Cod Fish ($34) that I didn't try because I don't eat fish :|

Twas' great catching up over dinner and our foot massage, little friend! :D 
Lets work hard together and see you soon x
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