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Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

This short getaway to Phuket cannot be any timelier!
The boy and I have been so busy with work after our Seoul holiday we hardly get any date time. 
See, the problem with working together is that 
we won't miss each other or look forward to seeing one another 
and may sometimes neglect the importance of spending quality time together.
So for us, we always make it a point to take time off work at least once a month 
to go on a short trip or even a stay-cation in Singapore! 

I shan't bore you any further and get started with blogging about the trip (: 

We were greeted by the hotel staff upon arrival at the airport and after a short 20 minutes drive, 
we arrived at the beautiful Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

The newly refurbished Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort boosts modern interiors with traditional Thai and Chinese concept. 

Not wasting any time, we were whisked to our room by one of the hotel staff 
& this I present to you our humble abode (Deluxe Seaview Room) for the next 2 days. 

I just did a check on Agoda (Travel date in June) and this room costs only about $125 per night!!

The room is relatively spacious and because it is on the first floor, we get a mini patio! 
Deluxe Seaview Rooms on the other floor comes with a balcony as well (: 

A quick OOTD.
Lady In Lace Dress coming soon on Hollyhoque!
Like how the 3/4 sleeves flatter my arms so well :P 

The green view we wake up to the next couple of days ><

The most innovative bath tub I've ever seen 
The boyfriend enjoyed his bubble bath every night lol

We were brought on a tour around the resort 
and were given the opportunity to view some of the other rooms!
This is my favourite! > One Bedroom Sea Front Suite. 

I couldn't get a nice picture of the view from the room but it was a feast to the eyes. 
Tall trees, clear blue waters..

I love how to blue hues used in this room makes me feel so calm and relaxed. 

After we were done with the tour, we were off to hunt for food!

We were looking for something light because it was close to dinner time 
so we settled at Edgewater, next to the pool. 

Uh huh like a boss

JY loved the Margarita Pizza so much he practically finished it himself D: (Minus the 1 slice I had lol) 

The sun was so glaring even his goldfish eyes became a slit 

& we were facing the sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea. 

 On board the boat ride! ^^
We went cruising around our neighbouring resorts and basically enjoyed the scenery & breeze.
Things old couples do lol

The skies became dark and it was time for our seafood feast!! 
Been waiting for it all afternoon :P 

Seafood Buffet available on every Friday at the Locavore Restaurant (: 

Variety of seafood appetizers
LOL I was downing the oysters like nobody's business until JY stopped me D: 
He was scared that I'll get tummy-ache from eating too much lol.

Grilled King Prawns made on the spot!!
I had about 10 of these.. Too yummy. 

Seafood mix. Pardon the empty spaces, I took this picture after placing 2 servings on my tray :P 

& this pretty much summed up our seafood dinner. 
Headed back to our room to rest up for an early call time the next day (: 

New bikini comes out to play! :D 

I like the idea of a private beach because it is less crowded and definitely cleaner! 
Look! I can count the number of people in this picture! ><'

At 9AM, Candy the baby elephant comes out for meet & greet!! :D 

Oh hello you cutie!!

My first time feeding an elephant!!! 
I was actually very very scared D: What if she lifts up a foot and kick meeee??

Most epic picture of the trip!!
Candy <3 JY 

JY was laughing at me the whole time for being a bimbo
because I die die want to wear my contact lens out lol D: 
Okay fine, I also drew my brows and contoured my nose :P 

Reading & people-watching ^^

& capturing JY's happy moments 
He had to go up the slide 3-4 times before I managed to get this shot :P 


MODEEEELE hahahaha

Fatty off to Jet Ski :D :D :D 
 I didn't play but I enjoy watching him have fun! 
He played soooooo hard that morning. 

The resort offers free water sports & recreation programs for all guests!
A pity we didn't have more time or not we would have participated :( 
Windsurfing, Basic Sailing etc..  

Showered & got changed to head out of the resort!
Was in Saccharine Dreams Crochet Dress - Brilliant Lavender that afternoon (: 
Available via backorders! Email us at to order!

<3 The best travel companion I can have. 

Lunch was at Sizzler, Central Festival Mall. 

& we were only there because JY loves their Cheese Toast soooo much. 
Whenever we're in Bangkok, he makes sure he gets to eat it at least once. 

 Spicy Chicken & Pork Ribs
I think I've mentioned this before but in any case, their Spicy Chicken is super tasty!
Like Pizza Hut's Spicy Drumlets except juicier. 

They have shops like Aldo, Miss Selfridge at Central Festival but we were more interested in getting a foot massage :P 

Paid 300 Baht each for 60 minutes. 

& then we were headed to Old Phuket Town, 5-10 minutes drive away for dinner. 

I really like the old rustic charm of this place!! 

Many small cafes like these by the road. 

After exploring the area, we finally made up our minds to have dinner at this local restaurant, One Chun. 
Located opposite the Phuket Town Inn. 

Very old school decor

We ordered the spicy minced pork, morning glory and clear tom yum soup!
Albeit a little spicy but super duper good. 
I wanna eat here again when we go back to Phuket end of this month!

Back to the resort, where we chilled and counted stars at the Icon Terrace. 

Requested for in-room dining breakfast the next morning.

& it was time to bid Phuket goodbye.. 
Wearing HH's Cherish Lace Shift Dress only available on backorders (: 
Email to order! 

Thank you Outrigger Laguna Phuket for this gracious invitation! <3
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