Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seoul Lovin' - Day 2 (Part 1)

Call time on Day 2 was at 11.30AM and before anything else, OOTD at the very pretty hotel lobby first! 

Under my knit pullover is Hollyhoque's Digital Plates Shirt in Black & Ooh La Skater Skirt in Green.  
Skater skirt is sold out at the moment, but we'll be bringing back more stocks/colours :D 
Stockings are from ages ago and new sneakers from Steve Madden!

First stop of the day: Hongdae
We took a cab there but if you were to use a train, alight at Hongik University Station (: 

The other travel duo this trip :D 

& while I was taking the previous picture, my beloved boyfriend abandoned me and went ahead with his favourite past time - roaming about. Can you spot him? 

Every single time Mel and I stops at a shop to look at something he disappears;
As fast as I say 123 D: 

We were there at about 12 but most of the restaurants/cafes were closed :( 
Thankful we found this gem while walking about aimlessly.

Hong Giwa-Jip translates to Hong Traditional House!
I did a brief search over the internet and realize that this place is pretty popular among the locals!
(Pfft I had a hard time reading the information 
because they are all in Korean and I'm just not up to standard yet lol)

Its tricky to translate Korean addresses in English but if you copy 옹기와집 into Google Maps you'll be able to find this restaurant. Wireless is easily accessible at the cafes!

Possam; Boiled Pork Belly Slices
Comes with radish Kimchi & cabbage
I usually don't fancy boiled meats but this is sooo good!
Dip it with the accompanying sauces!
25,000KRW (Small) 

Takdori; Spicy Chicken Soup
My voted favourite :D
Somewhat like our curry chicken? Super spicy, super shiok!
Especially in that chilly weather.

Ginseng Chicken Soup
It appeared on almost every table so we decided to give it a try
but I found the soup abit too bland although the "glutinous rice" was pretty tasty.
Have tried better ones in Seoul before.

& then we saw some photo spots & wanted to do some pictures
but my boyfriend just wouldn't cooperate.
He just kept making stupid faces (with his toothpick) in every shot. So annoying ._.

It took us a pretty long while before the boys agreed to do self timer group shots.

An accidental shot Brad took while adjusting the self timer and
yes we can totally see the disgruntled look on JY as we were planning how to pose.
Hahahaha this photo cracked me up so bad D:

We look like ultra idiots here but ohhh all the good times (:

Moving on..
More shopping at Etude House? :P

Didn't get neoprints but at least we sneaked a mirror shot AT the neoprint store? ><

We stopped by Bean Bins for some waffles not long after lunch and thats the WIFI pocket device I was talking about in my previous Seoul entry (: 

Battery runs out pretty fast so you might need a portable charger if you're going to be out the whole day. 

Waffle shared 4 ways :D 
Crisp and fluffy!! The Koreans sure love their waffles. You can find it on almost every street!

Thereafter, we were headed to the Hongdae shopping area, across the street from the restaurants and cafes. 

Shopping is not that cheap in Korea and if you're expecting to see prices like at Platinum Mall, 
I'm sorry to burst your bubble :( 
Tops on sale costs about 10,000-15,000KRW. 

One store I'll never miss when in Seoul :P 

If you're the kind that like collecting unconventional and cute stationery (Like me :P), 
you're going to love this place!


Found a cupcake place at the end alley opposite Artbox & decided to rest the legs.

Love the homely interior of this bakery. 
Will make a great photo spot :P 
When I get budget next time, I will do a lookbook in Seoul!!! 
Yup! When.. 

The Red Velvet for me and Rainbow Vanilla for him. 
Great texture but too overpriced D: 
We calculated SGD7.60 for one!! 

Saw our first Cherry Blossom tree up-close (This trip) 
before we were headed to Ewha Women University for more shopping!! 

Will continue part 2 soon :D 
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