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Seoul Lovin' - Day 2 (Part 2)

Continuing from Seoul Lovin' - Day 2 (Part 1)...

So, as mentioned earlier we wanted to go the shopping area near Ewha Women University 
and to save our tired souls, we used a taxi. 
Told the cabbie, Ewha Women University, SHOPPING but he still took us to the school itself D: 
To make things worse, he dropped us at the other end of the school 
so we had to walk quite a fair bit before reaching the shopping side.
Oh well, I guess it was a blessing in disguise because we found an awesome photo spot at the school!! 

This is my favourite photo out of the whole lot <3 

It definitely didn't come easy because out of 10 shots, 8 looked like these.. D: 

The boys cracking us up again ><

The beautiful campus

Along the shopping streets, you'll see many road side stalls selling items similar to these..

My fatty is always contented whenever there is food (:

Oh ngaww, they really enjoy each other's company :P

Potato Crisps on Stick
Mel's first photo with JY, success! Haha smiling somemore :P


And then our shopping spree starts :P
I personally like shopping at Ewha better than Hongdae
because I feel that there is a larger variety and prices are slightly more competitive (:
You can still shop at both places but maybe plan more time at Ewha? Just suggesting..

We ate as we shopped..
This is my favouritest street food ever :D
Very simple ingredients but never fails to hit the spot.

I was craving for Korean BBQ so bad that day but we walked and walked and walked
the whole of Ewha's shopping area, no BBQ restaurantttttt D:
How can there be no BBQ places there?? Don't students love BBQ?
Anyway, I was so stubborn, we just kept walking until we finally found this restaurant.

27-20 Daehyun Dong, Seodaemun-gu

It is a very homely restaurant with only locals dining.
Like what Uncle Pooh always says, you know you are eating at the right place
when you see only locals dining there.

Oh no it didn't only look good in the pictures, it tasted as good :D
We ordered a set that came with 2 plates of pork and 1 beef but JY ordered another 2 extra sets of beef and one pork :O :O
Meat overload but so so comforting!!

Apart from the meats, we also had a Pancake and 2 soup.
I can't remember the exact we paid but surely didn't cost more than 70,000KRW in total.

This is one of the cheapest and most comforting BBQ meals I've had in Seoul.

When in Seoul, don't forget to drink their Banana Milk! Must be from this brand :P

Hand model; Uncle Pooh :P
Here's a snapshot of the namecard, I'm hoping it'll help you find the location better.

We headed back to the hotel for a short rest
before we were headed to Dong Dae Moon for late night shopping.

That day, we really maxed out all the energy we had.
Shopped till freaking 4AM D: D: D:

Noticed a difference between the display
and types of clothes in the first picture and the 2nd/3rd pictures??
 I suggest you skip basement and level 1 of the shopping malls because those are more for ahjumas :P

I won't recommend malls like Migliore or Doota, go to the wholesale malls across the park.
Some of the names I remember are Art Plaza, Studio W & Kwanghee Fashion Mall?
Above is a snapshot of the road sign near where we were shopping.
Might be easier if you use a cab?
It is less crowded and their prices are definitely better!
I bought 3 pairs of pants at abot 28,000KRW each!!

We saw a lady deliver food to a shop while shopping and we decided to follow her :P
You'll find many Korean restaurants at the alley next to Art Plaza and if you do get hungry or tired from shopping, you can recharge here!

Our sumptuous supper at 2am.

Day 2 was really maximized to its fullest.
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