Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Woul

Outfit to lunch with my fellow micey <3 
Top is from M)phosis, bought ages ago and skater skirt is upcoming on Hollyhoque! 

We usually have lunch around my office but because I have more time today 
we went to my favourite Korean restaurant near United Square for stews ^^

Mmm you might have guessed, photographer of the day: JY
He went on a rampage and just wouldn't stop clicking D: 

Beef ribs
Though not as yummy as Joo Mak's, it was good enough to satisfy meat cravings (: 
Not so sure about the pork belly though :|
It was too dry and tough. 


Mel's "best friend" 

Om ngom. Kimchi steww, you hungry? :P 

Desserts at Bakerzin after x

Awesome way to kick start the week <3 
Can't wait for our Phuket getaway end of this month!
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