Wednesday, June 12, 2013

L’Oréal Youth Code Boosting Essence

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a picture of all the skincare products I have lying on my dressing table/toilet. Most are left untouched because I find that they don't work well for me anymore. & when that happens, I start hunting for new products and this vicious cycle never stops. 

How many of you are like me, changing your skin regime from time to time hoping it'll work better? No matter how well some skincare products works at first, their results seem to decrease over time.

I recently found out that the problem doesn't lie in the product itself but the skin's ability to absorb. As metabolic rate decreases with age, our skin naturally degenerates in terms of its ability to adapt & respond to daily aggression and the recovery gene responsible for youth and radiance loses efficiency over time. 

To put it simply, you don't need to keep trying/buying new skincare products, all you need is the L’Oréal Youth Code Boosting Essence to prepare your skin for better absorption and to double the efficiency of daily skincare by restoring the skin's optimal capacity to recover. 

The L’Oréal Youth Code Boosting Essence has a watery, non-sticky texture
& comes with a dropper for easy usage. 

The secrets behind Youth Code are: 
1) Pro-Gen Technology that increases the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal 
2) Adenosine, known to be a constitutive component of DNA that slows down the effects of aging skin
3) Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid that has a pro-exfoliating action which improves absorption of active ingredients.

If you don't already know, the new spokesperson for the L’Oréal Youth Code Boosting Essence is none other than Rui En! (My favourite mediacorp female artiste btw :P)

“I use a sheet mask every night when I’m filming, and realized that when I apply Youth Code under it, it makes the treatment much more effective. I see improved glow and moisture immediately after. It is now a must-have in my skincare regime.” - Rui En 

PS: If you missed Rui En at Watsons Ngee Ann City on 1st June, you now have another chance at the L’Oréal Paris Atrium at Compass Point on 15th June, 5-6PM!! 

I tested it on my wrist area and there was immediate results on one drop. 
Skin was instantly smooth & supple!

To optimize the efficiency of skincare, the youth code should be incorporated into a skincare regime after cleansing and after treating/moisturizing. 
This sequence ensures that the skin is prepped for the absorption of the active ingredients in the skincare products. 

I've been using it for more than a week now and I include it in both my morning and night skincare routine!

Here is morning skincare routine. 
They are in travel sizes because I brought them when I was having a holiday in Phuket :P 
Go holiday also must pack Youth Code in!! 

After cleansing my face, I'll gently pat Youth Code on my face and spread evenly.
Next, I'll apply moisturizer followed by eye cream before I end off with Sunblock and start piling makeup on. 

Ever since I started using Youth Code, I find that my makeup stays extremely well and is very well hydrated!
My skin is on the dry side and I don't know why but the skin around my eyebrows always flakes D: 
But after I added Youth Code in my skincare it doesn't flake as bad anymore!!  

Thank you Youth Code for helping me #SAVEMYWALLET :D 
I no longer need to spend unnecessary money on excessive skincare! 

On a side note, if you participated in the #SAVEMYWALLET contest, the results are now out on L’Oréal Paris Singapore Facebook Page (: 

Youth Code is now available at leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, Sasa & major supermarkets at $39.90!! 

Customers of Hollyhoque will also receive a sample together with their next purchase!
I hope it works as well for you as it did for me! :D 
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