Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phuket - Phi Phi Island

The best 1600 Baht spent during my 2nd trip to Phuket has got to be the Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour. It is supposedly 1800 Baht per pax but JY managed to get some discount with his super bargaining skills :P Remember to opt for the Speedboat Tour if you're going! The journey on a normal boat is going to be twice as long. 

Both Liz and JY forbade me to bring Jonas along so all the pictures were taken on my Samsung EX2F, manual mode! (: 

We got up at 6.30AM that morning, had breakfast then waited for the tour bus to come pick us :D 

While waiting.. By the pool. 

I was wearing Digital Art Tee in White!
Still available on Hollyhoque HERE (: 

Haha these 2.. who's the bully?? 

On board the speedboat!! 

& don't get me started on the "Hangover Duo" LOLOL (Blue & White dudes in the middle) 
These 2 Caucasians on our boat started drinking from the moment they boarded the boat all the way until the tour ended and throughout, they were making a fool out of themselves. 
Very very entertaining though lolol 

& here we are at our first stop! Also, my favourite!  
We visited 4 islands that day and had the opportunity to snorkel twice :D 


Liz took so many nice pictures of us, I had a major problem filtering which to post D: 

Jump shots with hundreds of people in the background!


& then we were off!

To see monkeys.. But I was more interested in what we were going to do next!

Snorkel snorkel!!
I've been to many beach holidays but this is my first attempt at snorkeling

Heh HELLO ^^
I struggled for a bit at first but after I got the hang of it, all's good!!
Super fun!!

Underwater pictures courtesy of Liz's Olympus waterproof camera ><

At another island for lunch (& ice-cream!) 

& soon we were at our last stop of the tour :( 

Happy times always pass the fastest

1600 Baht not only included lunch, got free fruits somemore!! Lolol

Us at end of the day with our eyelash extensions still going strong! ><
Point D' Beaute really did a wonderful job!!
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Point D' Beaute at Far East Plaza #04-05!
Telephone: 67320006 
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