Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seoul Lovin' - Day 4

Day 4 saw us going up the N Seoul Tower!
This is the 3rd time my fatty and I are at this place together <3
We made a love lock here in 2009, came back again in 2011 to find it but it was raining so badly then we called it off. This time it was bright and sunny but the area where we placed our locks disappeared :'( 

Nevermind we couldn't find our locks, we had fun looking at others! 

I was in Hollyhoque's Noon Crochet Jumper - Green that day (: 
Still available HERE if you're interested!

No one else I'd want to be here with. x
His hair was SUPER DUPER curly from the perm lolol I kept calling him "卷发王子"

Last shot before we were off to N.Grill for lunch!

You have to purchase tickets to go up even if you're dining at their restaurants. 

Hehe 2nd time here, the first was during my 20th birthday. Fond memories.. 

Overlooking the entire Seoul

The sitting area revolves 360 degrees, I don't think there is anywhere else in Seoul that will give you a better view at such a reasonable price. 

Just take the prices and divide by 800 and you'll get a rough gauge in SGD (: 

The courses include appetizer, soup, coffee/tea and dessert. 


J's Beef Tenderloin 

Accompanying sauce was epic yum yum!

I was taking pictures of the scenery and the fatty suddenly disappeared and came back with ice-cream 
He always wander off alone then comes back with a snack or some sort D: 

Forgiven since he shared his ice-cream with me hahahaha

Next up, Lotte Mart at Seoul Station. 

We too bus 03 from N Seoul Tower to Seoul Station which was about 5 stops away. 

Instant mee heaven

For those of you who asked about my coat, I'll be manufacturing it really soon :D 
Stay close to Hollyhoque okay! 

Our trolley of junk ready for payment (: 

After box-ing up our junk, we went back to the hotel first to drop off our barang!

Back at Garosu-gil to explore that area further!

There are many cafes in Garosu-gil and it took us a long time before we decided to have tea here > Deux Amis (Simply google to find the address) because we were still very full for lunch and had limited tummy space :P 

Love the cottage-like setting!!

J's hot chocolate. 
I was using my phone when the food came and immediately he placed the drink in front of me and said, "You don't wanna take a picture of my teddy bear?" Lol he can be quite a darling sometimes when he is not annoying me 

Mark my words, best salted caramel cake EVER. 
Please try when you get the opportunity!!

Guess where was next up on our itinerary? 

They have SO MANY eateries there its insane. 

Somehow feels like Shibuya. 
Crazily packed with people :O

Mies Container 

We were walking around and found the queue to this restaurant unbelievable so being kiasu Singaporeans, we decided to ask for 2 seats and the waiting time was an hour and a half D: 
We weren't very hungry so we just shopped around and soon it was our turn!

& I understood why people don't mind waiting.. 
Good and cheap good with great ambience, this place is surely worth visiting!!
Order the cheese pizza and garlic fries <3

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