Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snippets of Europe - Munich, Day 1

A pictorial update from my recent trip to Eastern Europe!

I am so glad we chose Trafalgar this vacation - it is definitely one of the best tour experience we've had. 
A lot of free time was included but we chose to go for 90% of the optional tours they offered because we didn't want to miss anything :P 

Apart from the $3,000/pax we paid for the air tickets, city tours and accommodation, we topped up another $1,000/pax for the optional tours. Most meals weren't included & I was happy we get to choose what we wanted to eat! 

We landed at Munich around 7AM and had 3 hours to spare before the transfer to our hotel so we got a data plan prepaid card at around SGD20 (Only can be used within Germany) and had breakfast at Macs! 

Eats around our hotel before check in ^^ 

Translucent Stockings (Imported from Korea) upcoming on Hollyhoque 

Gone mad at the supermarket. CANDIES!! 

Ketchup JY insisted on buying back to Singapore ._. 
Do not understand..

Finally checked into Holiday Inn - South!!
Nothing fanciful about the room but good enough for a short stay. 

We were given a short guided tour around the city before free time to roam about! 

His hair was exceptionally curly that day, I think its the weather D: Lol

With the free time we had, we explored the beer halls, shopped the open markets and had dinner! :D 
Wished time would just stop then and there. 

We got back to the hotel early and decided to hop on the train to look see!
Didn't expect the weather to get so cold at night so the fatty sacrificed his sweater for me :P 
Oh yes! I didn't see any barriers at the train stations, people just walked in without paying lol! Can liddat? 

& a close up of my best travelling companion before I log off <3 

Thanks for reading and until the next update! 
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