Friday, July 19, 2013

Seoul Lovin' - Day 5 (Part 2)

It took us quite a while to locate Mel & Brad because this park they wanted to show us is pretty hidden D:

Off to Sam Cheong Dong that was a short walk away.
More local boutiques and cafes there! 
This place is my 2nd favourite after Garouso-Gil (: 

Dinner was at this super good Tonkatsu Ramen place called 55 Bon Ji Ramen!
(They have many awards and certificates stuck on the walls outside of their restaurant.) 
Uncle Pooh brought us there and I can't seem to find more information about this place on Google so I guess you'll just have to use those pictures I took for reference if you ever want to visit this place :P 

Annnnd if you realized, I haven't done a proper post in a pretty long while. 
Recently, I heard things about blogger 123 saying a lot of untrue & mean things behind my back. I met her a couple of times at events and honestly she came across as a very amiable person to me so I really can't figure why D: 

JY told me to ignore all these redundant comments that does not add any value to my life but how? I was just minding my own business and out of no where, I get attacked. 
& if I were to see her at an event again, what do I do?
I used to enjoy blogging but I'm not so sure now. The "blogsphere" is getting too pretentious. 

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