Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FOUR eats in BKK - Part 2

Long time readers of this blog would realize that every single time I go to BKK, I'll surely visit Somboon Seafood (: It may be a little more expensive as compared to the other seafood restaurants there but I honestly won't mind paying that little extra because the food is so yummy!!

As I usually stay at Amari Watergate (Pratunam area), the closest outlet would be Bantadthong!
Get your hotel concierge to write the address in Thai and make sure you have a photo of the restaurant's exterior (Can be found on Somboon's website) because there is a high chance your taxi driver will bring you to a fake so that they can earn some commission D: 

Us 3 fooling around as usual :P 

Stir Fried Curry Crab 

Morning Glory/ Kang Kong


These are our usual favourites.
We ordered 8 dishes in total including crab, fish, scallops
and the total bill only came up to like what, ~SGD72
Pretty much a steal for a 4 way dinner :D 
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