Friday, August 23, 2013

Snippets of Europe - Prague (Day 3)

Finally got down to resizing the photos from our Europe trip! :D 
Day 3 (Prague) only la but good improvement? Hahaha! 

I was behind the camera most of the time so don't be surprised to see a spam of JY's face :P 

Thats my inquisitive boy touching and feeling everything he sees :| 

All of us were given a listener so we don't have to try too hard to hear what the tour guide is saying. Very considerate, Trafalgar! 

St.Vitus' Cathedral 

& it was free time for us to roam about the New/Old Town Square 

Having an ice cream together as we roam the streets of Prague 

Lunch was at this train-themed restaurant called Vytopna located within the Old Town Square. 
Kudos to the Boyfriend for making an effort to research! (: 

Drinks came in a train 

I was trying very hard to snap this picture and before I could take the Cola, the train went back! D: 
JY had to chase after it hahaha it was hilarious

Bought my first pair of Melissa jelly flats because my feet were too tired from walking on wedges :P 

On the King Charles Bridge, just in time to catch the sunset (: 

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