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AD: Kotex Fresh Plus Liners

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I love travelling & no matter which country I visit, feeling comfortable & confident is very important! Both on the inside & out. 

Europe June 2013

Korea April 2013

Phuket May 2013

Well, feeling comfortable & confident on the outside is fairly easy 
but how do we feel that on the inside? (: 
My new found secret is non other than the newly launched Kotex Fresh Plus Liners

Vaginal discharge is very common & normal. 
I learnt that instead of only using liners before and after your period, make it a habit to wear it everyday! Wearing liners keeps yourself and your intimate wear clean, 
saving you the hassle of "scrubbing" your panties at the end of the day. 

 Imagine coming home at the end of the day and having to scrub your intimate wear tediously, Kotex is such a dear in this way. They know that the normal working ladies nowadays would rather have a better use of their free time. Girls want to have fun in our free time! Not fretting over how to clean our underwear?!
I’m sure I’m not alone in this, most girls would understand what I mean!

If you think that wearing liners everyday will cause V-zone infections or complications, you are absolutely wrong especially since Kotex Fresh Plus Liners is now dermatologically tested
This also means concerns regarding skin irritation & itchiness are mitigated!

SEPTEMBER TREAT: $4.45 for 2 packets at all NTUC Fairprice outlets!!

How is the Kotex Fresh Plus Liners different? 
Kotex Fresh Plus Liners range of Ultra V-Care is tested to successfully inhibit the growth of yeast and some bad bacteria while Gentle Care is pH balanced to match your body’s natural pH level thus helping to care for your sensitive skin. Adding on to the range is Fresh Plus Designs which features colourful designs inspired by nature with a mild and natural scent to help soothe the senses. 

Though all these might sound like big words thrown at you, it simply means that Kotex have ensured the fresh liners are like our best friend, to take care of our V zones and make sure they are always comfortable!

Plus! It only takes on less than a minute to put it on, as compared to extra scrubbing time needed of intimate underwear and an uncomfortable feeling all day long, it’s not difficult to know what is the better choice!
 Gentle Care
Ultra V-care 

This is my personal favourite out of the whole range
simply because it is scented & has cute colourful patterns on it, such small attention to details are important for ladies!
 I've been using the Fresh Plus Design Liners for close to a week now
and I like how the liner stays in position so well!
It doesn't scrunch up when I walk/exercise as compared to other brands I've tried!
 Why pick Kotex over other brands?
(With reference to the experiment below )
1) Kotex clearly show better absorption ensuring you are kept dry & fresh.
2) The upgraded liners now promises 3x defense against bacteria, yeast & odor

Experiment between Brand "X" & Kotex Fresh Plus Designs Liner:

This shot was taken right after I poured the same amount of Ribena on each liner.
It is very obvious how quickly the Ribena was absorbed by the Kotex liner as compared to Brand "X"
The liner's ability to absorb is very important because it is what makes wearing a liner daily comfortable!

The amount of time we spend daily playing on our phone, surfing the internet, dolling up, easily chalks up to hours yet we do not actually pay the same amount of attention to our V-zone health. We should take a stand! 
We must learn to love ourselves and our V zone! 

It only takes ONE minute of your time daily to re-assess your approach in taking care of your V-zone with Kotex Fresh Plus Liners. I'm sure we can all come up with that ONE minute for a healthier V-zone! :D 

Together with 2 other bloggers, Melissa & Joyce, I'll be at the Kotex event on the 14th September (Saturday) 3-6PM at Bugis Village doing the "One Minute Kotex Pledge" to kick start this movement of taking care of oneself's V-zone with just ONE minute of your time!

So do come down and meet me to take your pledge to take charge of your V-zone and take a photo with me! You can get free samples of this on the day too by the volunteers around.

Hollyhoque will be giving out a sample pack as with every purchase from our next collection!
Girls who receive a sample pack, no excuses!!
Start taking charge of your V-zone with Kotex :D 
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