Monday, September 30, 2013

Button Up Those Checks

Its Monday again!
Did you get enough rest over the weekend? (: 
Well I spent Saturday at JY's and he made us sambal lala for lunch!
He is becoming such an uncle now and nope, I'm not complaining! :P
He is a pretty good cook heh!
Sunday saw us (TNS girls & family) gathering at Zoe's for BBQ
& its always a joy playing with Christine's daughters 

Ending off with what I wore to the BBQ party! (: 

High Waist Denim Shorts from BKK 
Black Clutch from YSL 
Booties from Tony Bianco
Anchor bracelet upcoming on HH & the other accessories from Korea

I thought it'll be okay if I didn't iron the back lol :|
Pardon me & thanks for reading! xx
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