Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Trip: TPE/HKD Day 2

Back with pictures from TPE Day 2 (: 
All photos taken on my 2nd birthday gift from JY - Sony RX100-Mark 2!
Not sure if its already in SG yet, but this is one helluva good camera. 
Would be perfect if it came with a swivel screen :( 

Off to Yong Kang Street for a food trail! 
They've got quite a number of eateries and cafes there!

Hello handsome <3 You really look like Julian Cheung D: 

Our super huge Mango Shave Ice *YUM* 
We were too full from lunch so we could only order one to share. 
You see, JY doesn't like Mango at all but because he is always so selfless he goes with what I like all the time. All the freaking time <3 

We've been to Taipei many times but this is our first at Bo Po Liao. 
Remember the Chinese Movie - Monga starring Ethan Ruan?
Yup! It was filmed there. 

Alight at Longshan Temple Station then ask for directions (: Its about 10 minutes away from the train station. 

Right before his slippers snapped :P LOL
He had to literally drag his feet to the closest convenient store to get a replacement hahaha

There his new market slippers. 
I poked fun of him the whole day :P 

& then we left for a quick bite at the Taipai Train Station.
They have so many restaurants and bakeries there you'll be spoilt for choice D:  

Casually mentioned I like this watermelon stuffie before I went to the toilet and after I came back, this boy was already holding it in his hands :P He said we'll put it on the sofa of our new home soon! 

I can't believe this is the first time I went to the Raohe Night Market -.- 
They have so so much food there!! 
JY and I were stared at the place in awe when we got off the cab lol. 

This place is definitely going on my must-go list when in Taipei. 

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