Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Of Pink & Cutouts

Hi guys!! I'm finally back from my back to back holidays :P 
I was only away for about 2 weeks but I missed local fare so much. 
Got my BKT and Hokkien Mee cravings satisfied the moment we got back hehe!

Lots of photos to share but for now, 
I'll just do an OOTD post featuring our newly released romper that I love to death <3 
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Not usually a fan of Pink, but this shade is too gorgeous to miss! 

Item is still available in limited quantities HERE (: 
& good news for readers of my blog, there is complimentary normal postage for any purchases 
made on HH! Promo code: SheilaFNP is valid until the end of this Sunday :D 


Saturday, November 2, 2013


Last weekend, we made an impromptu buffet dinner reservation at Melt - The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental. Mabel and her boyfriend joined us so we used the UOB credit card promotion, 3 dines 1 free! (: 
If I have to choose between The Line at Shangri-La & Melt, I'll definitely choose the former because it surely has a wider variety. Nonetheless, our experience at Melt was pretty pleasant. I enjoyed the fresh seafood counter the most! I'm quite sure I had at least 20 oysters :P Also love the dessert counter that comes with a waffles corner :D 

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